Without a doubt, the most powerful teaching tool in the Armitage Leather on-line arsenal.
One of the benefits of the internet is in being able to reach a large and wide audience, of course, it is not possible for everyone to come and take a class here at the workshop. 
To help those just too far away I created ‘Secrets from the Workshop’ on my Armitage Leather Vimeo channel.
This is a ‘skill-specific’ channel designed to help you progress and grow in the craft in the comfort of your own workshop.
Many of the videos focus on one specific skill and contain a lot of detail on that subject
The ethos behind this skill-based channel is if you are struggling with a specific part of a project or skill, you do not need to sit through a large video to find the answer you need.
For example, if you are left-handed and want to learn how to stitch with the modern stitching irons, look for video 28. If you are learning how to make tubs and boxes and need to know how to stitch in a tub base, it’s video 47 or if you need to cut the pattern for a tapered cup, video 67 is the one you need and so it goes.
I have made this channel subscription only. Your support has helped me to buy better equipment such as a camera, lights and mics and allows me to dedicate more of my time to the channel.
The more people who subscribe and stick with the channel, the more videos I can make.

The cost of a subscription is £10 a month with videos being added on a fortnightly basis.
If you don’t learn anything or it’s just not for you, it’s easy to un-subscribe.


Who doesn’t love YouTube? On my channel ‘Armitage Leather’ you will find the videos that relate to the work-packs on the front page, reviews of tools from all over the world, small how to videos and work along videos to help you get started or progress. These have proved very helpful to many people in gaining a foot hold in the craft.